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Holistic Spirits Origen Vodka 750ml
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Holistic Spirits Origen Vodka


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Category Vodka
Origin United States, Maryland
Brand Holistic Spirits
Alcohol/vol 37%
Proof 74.00

Naturally pink from an infusion of raw plant extracts, Origen is velvety and delicate with subtle cherry fruit notes and a floral bouquet. Origen opens with notes of gentle olive fruit and a hint of salinity with a rounded floral backbone, followed by a balanced acidity carrying through with light vanilla on the finish. Drink it neat, sip it over ice, or stir it into your favorite cocktail.

Hand-stirred and artisanally crafted from Italian heirloom white wheat at the award-winning McClintock Distilling in Frederick, Maryland, one of the country’s premier small-batch distilleries.

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