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Fernet Branca Liqueur
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Fernet Branca Liqueur


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Category Liqueurs & Cordials
Region Italy
Brand Fernet Branca
Alcohol/vol 39%
Proof 78.00
The natural bitter taste of Fernat-Branca and its herbs presents itself firmly to the palate, and like the beginning of a great novel, reveals its quality while concealing its secrets. Just when you start to think that it might be best to give up, you are drawn by the curiosity to have another sip. The start of an engaging journey, where you discover the wide range of spices that interact harmoniously and secretly. The palate senses the depth of the flavor from the botanical herbs and spices and begins, on its own, to recompose the structure of the Fernet-Branca taste. The nose picks up the myrrh and its unexpected softness, while the bitter taste becomes sophisticated, tannic and pleasantly balsamic. As you take the third sip the pleasure remains, and is emboldened by the challenges of your journey thus far. The pleasure highlights the most reassuring aromas of the spices and freshness of the herbs, and finally unveils the exotic side to Fernat-Branca. The experience has now transformed and the sweeter and more delicate notes of the plant and flowers come to the fore, leaving the bitter taste in the background. The olfactory perception is completed and the palate is ready to welcome new discoveries from all future sips.