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Cooloo Gin & Tonic Frozen Cocktail Pop
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Cooloo Gin & Tonic Frozen Cocktail Pop


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Category Prepared Cocktails
Region United States, New Jersey
Brand Cooloo
Alcohol/vol 5%
Sit up a little higher, this alcoholic cocktail has real class. Want refreshing? It's right here. Gin & tonic is a fragrant refresher that recreates the real thing, on point. we blend poetic gin with subtly bitter tonic and a splash of lime. A crisp, sophisticated flavor that puts the cool in Cooloo. We founded Cooloo™ to bring the fun of cocktails to a frozen, party-ready scene. We knew we wanted our frozen pops to be portable, delicious and true "authentic" cocktail flavors. That's why we make our frozen cocktails with real alcoholic spirits like vodka and rum. Our proprietary formula is what gives our frozen cocktail pops that smooth sorbet-like texture even when frozen. They can even be refrozen after thawing, and will maintain their great texture.