Stolen Smoked Rum - Morton Williams
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Stolen Smoked Rum
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Stolen Smoked Rum

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Category Rum
Region Trinidad and Tobago
Brand Stolen
Alcohol/vol 42%
Proof 84.00
This is Stolen Smoked Rum. This rum is inspired by wanderlust, one of our favorite lusts.It's the world's first smoked rum. It's made in Trinidad from locally sourced sugar cane. It's column-distilled and aged for at least two years in ex-whiskey barrels made from American oak. Additional flavor is imbrued into the rum using 100% Arabica coffee beans from Columbia, fenugreek seeds from Morocco, and vanilla beans from Madagascar. To finish, the rum is smoked in America using American hardwood. It's roasty, caramelly, and pleasantly but not overbearingly smoky.
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This spiced rum has a nut-brown appearance and bold coffee aroma, with hints of chocolate and toffee underneath. At first, it's campfire-smoky on the palate, showing coffee and vanilla on the midpalate, then fading to a smoky finish laced with clove, black pepper and nutmeg. Made with Colombian coffee beans, vanilla, fenugreek and a "smoked American hardwood tincture.

Kara Newman, June 1, 2016