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Oban Distiller's Edition 2018

Oban Distiller's Edition 2018

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Nose: Fruity and pungent, yet it is the coastal sea-breeze effect which really captures the imagination. Oban often has a salty tinge to its character, here accentuated with crushed fresh grape juice, orange zest and a hint of smoke adding to the massive complexity. This is outstanding. Taste: in brief… Salty sea breezes, crashing waves of fruit, malty aftermath. in a sentence... Fruity, pungent, seriously complex whisky of the very highest order - a glorious zesty nose and masses of sweet fruit attack complemented by salt and chewy, roasty caramel malt. Palate: The most explosive Oban ever. Starts with soft malt, then wave upon wave of delicate yet rich fruit notes pounds the tastebuds. They are carried in on a tide of brine, squaring impressively with the chewy malt. Finish: Not so long as the big start on the palate might suggest, but lots of slightly sweetened (with Demerara sugar) Jamaican coffee and oak to start, leaving an attractive malt-biscuit effect as it dies down. Serve: The dried fig and honey flavours of Oban Distiller's Edition reveal themselves with a few drops of water. Pairing: Perhaps it's the Spanish cask influence, but this Oban makes the classic vanilla cheesecake seem even more indulgent. Hand crafted chocolates from the Highland Chocolatier take Oban's Distiller's Edition to a different place entirely.
Category Single Malt Scotch
Region United Kingdom, Scotland, Highland
Brand Oban
Alcohol/vol 43%