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Beluga Gold Line Vodka

Beluga Gold Line Vodka

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Beluga Gold Line is made for special occasions. Its strength combined with a soft taste highlights the drinker's decisiveness and sophistication. Apart from a special spirit and the purest artesian water, Beluga Gold Line vodka also contains ingredients such as rice extract and rhodiola rosea extract. The "rest period" of the Beluga Gold Line lasts for 90 days; during this time the vodka acquires a balanced structure. A special ritual is carried out when serving the Beluga Gold Line, reflecting the traditions of consuming true delicacies. The immaculate combination of handcraft and delicate taste make the bottle with an individual number a worthy sign of respect and a desirable gift. The Beluga Gold Line is a true discovery for connoisseurs of strong and gentle alcohol.
Category Vodka
Region Russia
Brand Beluga
Alcohol/vol 40%