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Beluga Noble Russian Vodka 1L

Beluga Noble Russian Vodka 1L

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The uniquely soft and harmonious non-burning flavor and sweet aftertaste give Beluga vodka a malt spirit. Artesian water, which is part of the composition of Beluga, undergoes double filtration through quartz sand and a silver filter, which guarantees exceptional purity, and a natural, unique taste. For the duration of a month Beluga undergoes filtration, polishing, and maturity. It "calms down" and "rests" at every phase, acquiring an immaculate taste. The production process of Beluga vodka includes a period of "rest" for 30 days, when the molecular components gain a finished and stable structure, resulting in Beluga's unique velvet taste and that typical vodka aroma with a hint of fresh malt.
Category Vodka
Region Russia
Brand Beluga
Alcohol/vol 40%