Espolon Anejo X Tequila 6 year old - Morton Williams
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Espolon Anejo X Tequila 6 year old

Espolon Anejo X Tequila 6 year old

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Espolòn Tequilas, made from 100% Weber Blue Agave, are known for their bold, round palate; medium to full bodied velvety mouth feel with rich roasted agave, sweet tropical fruit, vanilla and brown spices; and long spicy finish. Espolòn Añejo X retains its classic agave character with added layers of depth and complexity that comes with careful aging. It has a rich flavor profile of prominent vanilla with notes of nutmeg and white peppercorn, which are joined by hints of cocoa nibs, bitter chocolate, rich roasted fruits, and agave.
Category Anejo
Region Mexico
Brand Espolon