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Pura Vida Silver Tequila

Pura Vida Silver Tequila

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Pura Vida Silver delivers pure agave flavor and unparalleled drinking pleasure when making your favorite cocktail or the Ultimate Margarita. But purists may prefer to simply savor its untarnished agave flavor on its own - unchilled & unadulterated. Wrap your hands around a Pura Vida Silver cocktail and you're about to wrap your taste buds around a life altering, organoleptic experience. Well, maybe not life-altering but definitely life-enhancing. And yes, organoleptic is a word… we checked. COLOR - Crystal Clear. AROMA - Smooth taste of agave with a touch of thyme and jasmine with a slightly spicy smooth finish. FINISH - Warm.
Category Tequila
Region Mexico
Brand Pura Vida
Proof 80.00