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Hakutsuru Premium Sho Une Junmai Dai Ginjo 300ml Bottle


SKU 4006

300ml Bottle

Using only the finest rice "Yamada-Nishiki", and Nada's famed natural spring water "Miyamizu", "SHO-UNE" has been brewed as the Supreme of Japanese Sake. This graceful Sake with fruity scents, velvety smoothness can be enjoyed chilled or at room temperature. Matches dishes with a salty taste or a rich taste. Baby clams steamed in Sake, Sashimi, Japanese stew (vegetables or fish stewed with soy sauce, fish broth, Sake, etc.), Broiled fish or prawn with a salty taste.
Category Daiginjo
Country Japan
Brand Hakutsuru
Alcohol/vol 16.5%